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Buying a Business

Why Buy An Existing Landscape Related Business?

There are eight significant advantages to buying a proven landscape business:

ACTUAL OPERATING RESULTS - A business that has been owned and operated for a number of years and has provided the source of income to the family of the owner may reasonably be considered a profitable and viable business.

IMMEDIATE CASH FLOW - A minimal amount of working capital is required to continue the business. Sales start the first day you take over.

TRAINED EMPLOYEES IN PLACE - Trained employees are in placed the day you take over the business. There is no cost for training and no dissatisfied customers.

ESTABLISHED SUPPLIERS AND CREDIT - Existing vendors will usually continue to do business with the new owner. They have been supplying the business for some time and know it's a good business.

ESTABLISHED CUSTOMERS - You get an existing customer base that will grow through referrals from satisfied customers.

EXISTING LICENSES AND PERMITS - Some licenses and permits can be transferred to your name. If not, you have the assurance of knowing that the business, in its current location, has been approved for the license or permit.

SELLER TRAINING - The seller will train you in the operation of the business so you benefit from his experience in running the business. You will be introduced to customers and suppliers.

OWNER FINANCING - Over 50% of landscape businesses sold include some form of owner financing. The seller who finances your purchase of his business has a vested interest in your success.

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The Buying Process

Landscape Depot Investment's team of intermediaries offer you the unique insight that comes from their experience representing both buyers and sellers, specifically in the Landscape Industry.

Whether you're acquiring a lawn business for $100,000 or a large landscape contractor for several million dollars, our intermediaries are highly skilled in the process of acquiring a business, how a business is valued, and in the negotiation process. We will help you understand how the value of a business is derived; help you understand the process of making offers and buying the business; and help you negotiate and close the deal, possibly saving you thousands-or tens of thousands-of dollars in the process.

How Do I Buy a Business?

Step 1:

Schedule a buyer meeting with Landscape Depot Investments.

Step 2:

Evaluate the basic SUMMARY information provided by Landscape Depot Investments.

Step 3:

Sign a Confidentiality/Disclosure Agreement for businesses you are interested in.

Step 4:

Landscape Depot Investments will then give you detailed information regarding the Business for your review and consideration. Do your preliminary evaluation based on the information provided by the seller to Landscape Depot Investments and to you. Do NOT expect the seller to provide detailed financial information (bank statements, contracts, complete tax returns, etc) at this time.

Step 5:

Meet with the Seller. Landscape Depot Investments will arrange appointments. You may ask general or probing questions on anything and everything about the business, but this is NOT the time to negotiate price and terms.

Step 6:

Make an offer assuming that all of the information you have been provided is correct. Landscape Depot Investments will show you how to write a contingent offer that will protect you and allow you to verify all information.

Step 7:

Negotiate price, terms and conditions. Landscape Depot Investments will mediate all offers and counter-offers until a purchase agreement is reached between the parties.

Step 8:

Complete your Due Diligence. Due Diligence begins when the offer is accepted by the seller. Once a purchase agreement is accepted by both parties, you will make a closer investigation of the business to confirm, to your satisfaction, the validity of your offer. Typically, five (5) business days for small businesses and ten (10) business days for larger businesses of Due Diligence is the norm. This is when the seller will provide all of the detailed information you require. You must NOT communicate with the employees, vendors and clients of the business without specific authorization from the seller.

Step 9:

Have documents prepared for closing. The closing attorney will not represent either party. He drafts all necessary legal documents to comply with the written purchase agreement. You may agree with the seller to share the cost of the closing attorney.

Step 10:

Close the purchase and begin your first day as the owner of your own business. The seller will assist in an orderly transition as agreed in the purchase agreement.

Step 11:

Congratulations! You are part of the American dream – You now own your own business!!

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Buyer Package

In order to begin your business search, please print and complete the following forms.

Sellers want to ensure that buyers have the financial and operational ability to purchase their business and will keep their information confidential; therefore, we always require a prospective buyer to fill out the following forms.

Please click on each link below to display the required forms.

      Prospective Buyer Confidential Questionnaire

      Buyer Confidentiality and Non-Circumvent Agreement

     Financial Statement

To print or view any of these documents, you will need the free Adobe Acrobat Reader. If you do not have this software, please click here.

Please complete each form in full and sign where applicable.

If faxing, please write either the name of the intermediary or the name of the business you are inquiring about on the forms. For your convenience, our main office fax is (561) 514-1123.

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Buyer Contact Form

LANDSCAPE DEPOT INVESTMENTS has the experience to guide you through the process of buying a business or franchise. Please complete and submit the following contact form and one of our friendly, experienced intermediaries will contact you regarding buying a business, buying a franchise, SBA loan requirements, or using your home equity or 401k as a down payment.

Are you selling your business? Please use our sell a business form.

*First Name:
*Last Name:
*Contact Phone:
Contact Fax:
*Email Address:
Price Range:
  From: To:
Down Payment Range:
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Owner Benefit Range:
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Desired Area:
How did you find us:
What is your timeframe to make your purchase:


Interested in learning more about selling your business? Call or contact us today!


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